Imprinted Concrete restoration imageImprinted Concrete restoration image

Imprinted Concrete restoration

Imprinted concrete is a specialisation limited to very few professional cleaning companies. Restoring the colour and repairing any areas that have succumbed to heavy traffic use or fallen prey to the heavy winters is any area that Pristine Pressure Cleaning excels at.

We get many calls from customers both commercial and residential that have had their pattern imprinted concrete driveways, pathways and patio areas that have lost colour or need remedial repair works carried out prior to recolouring and then resealing.

Pristine Pressure Cleaningwill if required pretreat any oil staining with an industrial standard fully bio degradable oil cleaner that often needs to be left covered for several days to give the chemical every opportunity to literally "eat" away at the oil deposits. We cannot fully guarantee 100% removal of any staining due to length of time, type of oil and porosity of the surface however whatever we undertake will have an improvement in visual appearance.

Following a full pressure wash to the entire concreted area and then allowing 1 or 2 days to dry out we will then either reseal with Smartseals premium quality sealers to fully restore the surface or if the areas require repairs of recolouring we will tackle them at this stage.

We can rebuild broken cappings and fill cracks with a special colour matched crack repair compound. For areas that require extra attention that have had the original colour totally washed out perhaps  back to bare concrete we can undertake a multi coat application of colour matched sealant to re establish that new look to your original tired looking surface. 

As part of our final coat we will apply an anti slip compound to alleviate any concerns our customers may have on some pattern imprinted surfaces being a little slippery.

If you require a FREE no obligation visit to discuss your requirements in bringing your pattern imprinted concrete area back to looking like new then call us on 0141 6441080 or 07969 568540 alternatively complete our on line enquiry form by clicking HERE and we will call you back. 

Our imprinted concrete cleaning, repairs and pattern imprint resealing and recolouring service operates throughout East Renfrewshire, Glasgow city, East Ayrshire, North and South Lanarkshire.