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Patio Cleaning

Having your patio pressure washed makes a dramatic difference to your surroundings making the area one to be enjoyed rather than loathed as moss, algae, dirt and general soiling over the years depreciates what was once a pristine installation.

Pristine Pressure Cleaningcan, with great care, pressure wash many patio surfaces ranging from traditional crazy paving and pre-cast coloured slabs through to the latest natural stones including the incredibly popular Indian stone that is taking the country by storm.

After a site survey we will discuss with you potential pitfalls with any pointing that may have degraded poorly and may need our repairs service carried out replacing the missing or loose pointing or maybe realigning some slabs.

We will conduct a full pressure clean to the whole surface ensuring that any moss and algae spores are removed. For particulalrly stubborn algae growth we will occasionally resort to a chemical application, used with great care, to attack the ingrained spores. Most surfaces do not require this application but we sometimes have to treat the latest Indian stone installations as the infestation of black algae really takes hold below the surface.

For the natural stone patios and driveways we encourage the application of the latest solvent free impregnating sealers that do a fantastic job, have superb longevity and are not sensitive to water retention within the stone as the more traditional acrylic sealants can be. They are available in two finishes a natural and colour enhanced and are suitable for any patio surface.

Along side our patio cleaning service we can also undertake pressure cleaning brick walls, brick planters, entrance gates and all types of commercial cleaning and sealing. 

If you would like a FREE no obligation quotation and advice service for any patio surface you wished to have pressure washed and sealed then please call us on 0141 644 1080 or 07969 568540 if you prefer you can complete our on line enquiry form by clicking HERE and we will call you back.